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Core Veneer Manufacturer in India

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BHalothia Udyog

Welcome to Bhalothia Udyog a pioneering name in the core veneer manufacturer industry. This company is established with a vision. It aims to redefine excellence by making the best core veneer in India. At Bhalothia Udyog, we use the latest tech and best talent. We also use top management practices. We do this to make high-quality core veneer products. .

A skilled team of professionals at Bhalothia Udyog is boosting productivity, as promised. Functional segregation has also developed an inspirational attitude in every department. Bhalothia Udyog is a core veneer exporter and supplier in India. They took many steps to add value to customers. They did this to strengthen their position in the market.

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Core Veneer

We take utmost care to supply Core Veneer material which is as per customer requirements in terms of thickness, size, and grade. Also, we have strict in-process quality control. We also have before delivery measures. They ensure that we meet all quality parameters.

Our motto is to deliver on time every time. We use trackers to make sure that we commit and deliver without fail.

We ensure the best quality timber from the local market. Our vendors are also committed to quality.

We always believe we are a vital part of plywood manufacturing. We make sure to be a reliable partner for our customers. Bhalothia Udyog strives to provide the best Core Veneer in India. We ensure customer satisfaction and trust in our products and services.


Eucalyptus short core falli
Stack of eucalyptus core veneer in surface


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Welcome to Bhalothia Udyog, a pioneering name in the core veneer manufacturer in India.

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